A software and IT support service is essential to ensure the smooth functioning and continuous availability of technological systems in a healthcare organization.

IT Support

This service offers technical assistance and solutions to problems related to the SAUDI platform, IT infrastructure, network, hardware, software and security.

The main features of our support service whether for the SAUDI platform or other technology demands include:

Technical support

The support team is available to help users in case of technical issues. They provide guidance, resolve software or hardware issues, and offer solutions to ensure continued operations.

Proactive monitoring

Support constantly monitors systems to identify potential issues before they cause outages. This includes oversight of servers, networks, databases and other critical components to ensure their availability and performance.

Problem solving

Support is responsible for identifying and resolving technical issues. They investigate root causes, diagnose failures and implement effective solutions to minimize the impact on users and ensure service continuity.

Updates and maintenance

Support service ensures systems are up to date with the latest software versions, security patches, and bug fixes. They also perform preventative maintenance to ensure systems are working properly.

Incident management

Support handles incidents in a timely manner, logging and prioritizing issues according to their severity and business impact. They work to resolve incidents and provide clear communication and updates to affected users.

Customer service

Support offers friendly and efficient service to users, answering questions, providing guidance and resolving doubts related to the use of systems and technologies.

Software and IT support service

Companies can count on technical experts dedicated to ensuring the stability, security and efficiency of their systems.

This allows organizations to focus on their core activities, while benefiting from a reliable technology environment and expert support when needed.

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