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SAUDI is a system designed to maintain the “financial health” of Supplementary Health Plan Operators. Our software automates the process of auditing medical service providers' accounts, enabling a clear view for both sides (operators X service providers) and a significant reduction in unnecessary costs. Acting throughout the entire process, from requesting authorization for medical procedures from the network of providers, to their respective release for payment, SAUDI's objective is for companies in the area to become healthier and achieve better results through a better management of your care costs. The results are surprising in the first few months of use!

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According to research carried out by IESS (Institute of Supplementary Health Studies), supplementary healthcare operators in Brazil spend, on average, 85% of revenue on payments to the network of medical service providers. That's exactly where SAUDI comes in, focusing on what's really important: better managing care costs can be as important or even more important than increasing revenue, for example, with new sales. While management systems for the supplementary health segment normally put little effort and resources into auditing medical bills, because they need to take care of accounts payable, sales, finance, etc., SAUDI does the opposite, all the system's effort is precisely in which represents 85% of billing: the audit of medical bills.

ACOL, since its foundation (1985) as a strategic arm of Venture Capital, has always had the real focus of its work on adding value to companies and supporting them, through the use of IT, to achieve their market objectives. From this perspective, around 2001, we were approached by one of our active clients (a Supplementary Health Operator) for a large purchase of licenses. Trying to understand where that demand had come from, we discovered that the project consisted of installing a local system across its entire network of medical service providers.

This is how SAUDI came about, a solution created by ACOL to meet a real and similar demand for all supplementary health plan operators. Every day, a structure of motorcycle couriers would search, at all these points, for disks and pendrives with the data on the medical bill forms and all the related paperwork. It was then that we suggested the development of a web application to make this entire process much more agile, simpler and cheaper.

Right from the start, we realized that we could go much further than the initial scope. Auditing medical bills was a real nightmare for healthcare providers, not to mention that it is a process that takes care of the biggest cost for this type of company: the transfer to the healthcare network. Thus began the construction of the first, most modern and award-winning specialist system for auditing medical bills for supplementary healthcare providers in Brazil.

Have you ever imagined what your fully automated medical bill audit process would be like?